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Nutrition Awareness

Omni Dining Service understands the importance of a
 balanced approach to Nutrition, Wellness and Wholeness.

Our nutrition program "Omnitritious" is a flexible
and fun nutrition awareness program.
The message stays the same "provide a balanced nutritional menu and help educate
each customer so they in turn can choose what is best for them".
Omni will customize the "Omnitritious" program to best meet the specific
needs of each service location and market segment.
Our K-12 program features "Alfred" the robot to help educate each
 child on the importance of choosing nutritionally balanced
 meals / foods, and the impact of those decisions.
Omni Dining Service utilizes a School Districts " Wellness Program"
as a complement and guide to the programs offered in each School.


Omni Dining Service also provides a monthly
 "Omnitritious" newsletter, location appropriate,
to continue to educate our customers on the
importance of choosing balanced nutritional foods
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